Deck & Engine Rating for Dry Dock end of May 2020

Company details

We have an excellent opportunity - fixed term contract (4-6 weeks), 3 to 4 times a year as Deck & Engine ratings, based across our Dry-dock opening from May 2020 onwards 

Deck & Engine Rating for Dry Dock end of May 2020


The purpose of this role is to assist with sea trials for a shipyard, to operate the machinery, machinery spaces, hotel services, electrical and electronic equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Supporting Engine Room and all the related Engineer officers with all aspects of maintaining an operational and fully functional ship at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities

Applicants will be expected to have previous experience in a similar role and minimum two previous contracts, and must possess a Certificate of Competency:

STCW A-III/4. (Motorman)

STCW – A II/4 (Able Seaman)

STCW – A II/5 (Bosun/Able Seafarer Deck)


The minimum requirements are:

  • Passport;
  • Seaman’s book;
  • Basic Safety Training STCW;
  • Training for seafarers with Designated Security Duties;
  • Certificate for training in Marine Environmental Awareness;
  • PAX certificates;
  • Certificates according to the position;
  • Good level of English language - interview required.
  • Basic German language skills is advantage

Contact Information

Stefka Djurbineva


+359 884938344

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