Innotec - Delivery Manager with Polish and English

Innotec - Delivery Manager with Polish and English


We are looking for Delivery Manager permanently based in Warsaw.

The person will be responsible for the team and projects, along with all administrative tasks – forecasts, invoicing, payroll, etc.


Native Polish

Near-native English

German on C1 level would be an advantage!


Role and requirements:

∙  Demonstrated professional experience in the capabilities below over the last 5-8 years

∙  Provide leadership and direction to local team

∙  Identify, deploy and/or reallocate necessary resources to execute work efficiently and successfully while managing the overall health and financial budget of the projects.

∙  Self-start and manage numerous Microsoft projects

∙  Advanced analytical and problem solving skills, including the ability to read, understand, interpret, and analyze engineering, field, financial or other complex data.

∙  Oversee, coordinate and work cohesively with team members to achieve maximum success and efficiency the execution and delivery of all contractual and quality service goals, service level attaining revenue targets, bonus, and avoiding penalties.

∙ Strong ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, prioritize tasks, deliver projects on time, within budget, with the highest level of accuracy and quality.

∙ Communicate project status clearly, professionally and accurately to senior management, customers and other stakeholders.

∙ Initiate, develop and strengthen customer relationships.

∙ Pro-actively identify potential project risk factors, communicate these to the project team, and work with stakeholders to address and resolve them quickly and efficiently.

∙ Previous Microsoft experience would be an advantage

Contact Information

Yanitsa Todorova


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