Node.js Developer

A must is:

  • 3+ years in server-side software development based on Node.js;
  • Good knowledge of relational databases;
  • Solid experience with Docker;
  • Linux experience.


Main duties:

  • Implement Node.js back-end modules and services for specific business cases or system functionalities;
  • Implement front-end interfaces and components using modern frontend libraries like React and Redux;
  • Integrate with third-party systems using various protocols (mainly JSON or XML);
  • Write or modify SQL procedures (if the appropriate skills are available);


The positions are two and respectively the projects. 

  1. The first position and project is within a game integrator headquartered in Malta, providing powerful game server solution. The projects are mainly focused on specific slot game development.
  1. The second one is within one of the biggest IT Services provider in Bulgaria and in particular within the partnership which aims to improve the digitalization of financial services worldwide through the integration of scalable platforms with third parties.


Bonus points:

  • Salary range: 3000 – 5500net
  • Flexible working time and an option for remote work;
  • Be part of a team developing high data volume systems;
  • Attractive remuneration at the top of the market levels;
  • Use the latest innovations in the software industry;
  • A career path with the ability to scale your career;
  • Cross-location knowledge sharing.


  Send us your actual CV and learn more about these and other Node.js open vacancies.


Node.js Developer


Contact Information

Mihaela Velichkova


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