Enhance your talent

1. Do I have to pay for the services of Easy Consult?

No, although we treat our candidates as clients, the services of Easy Consult are absolutely free of charge for the candidates.

2. May I send my application even if currently there is not a position that is appealing to me?

Easy Consult always encourages the initiative of the candidates. You can send us your Resume without referring to a specific currently open position. Please state in the subject of the email it is a General Application and drop us a line about your areas of interest. Our Recruitment team members will contact you as soon as a vacancy that matches your profile and interests appears.

3. Do I always have to send a Cover letter together with my Resume?

It is not necessary, unless it is especially stated in the job announcement as a required application document. Although not always required, the Cover letter can be a good instrument for you to express your interest, outline your personal characteristics and highlight on your strengths for a position.

4. What happens after I send my application for a current recruitment campaign?

Normally the recruitment process is structured as follows: our recruitment specialists receive all the applications for a position and after a careful examination a long-list of selected candidates upon application documents is prepared. In case your application is among those in the long-list, you will be contacted either via email or via phone for next step invitation. Don’t be surprised if you receive a polite phone call from an Easy Consult member after sending your application – sometimes we need to clarify, add or confirm a piece of information in your Resume in order to be most comprehensive and professional in our services for you.

5. What are the usual stages of a recruitment project?

Our recruitment campaigns’ structure depends very much on the profile and its requirements. Nevertheless, the usual structure is as follows: First, if your Resume and/ or Cover Letter are among the selected in the prescreening stage, you will be invited for an interview (usually in 2 weeks time or less) with our representative. Later on, your interviewer will inform you about the next steps and the time schedule of the recruitment campaign – e.g. language, professional or personal testing, assessment centers, reference-checking and client interviews.

6. What happens with my application if I am not short-listed for the position I have applied for?

Even if your application is not selected to continue in the recruitment process at a certain stage, our commitment to a fruitful relationship in the future remains. We will keep your application documents in our internal database and we reserve our right to contact you again in the future with information on other potentially interesting and suitable career opportunities for you. Here we advise you to be the active part as well (if you wish so, of course) – in case you notice an interesting position for you, published by Easy, please do not hesitate to contact the recruitment specialist you’ve been in contact before. Plus, we would be happy if you update us on a regular basis on your career developments so that we could be really useful for you ahead.

7. Can I expect a feedback even if I am not selected for a further stage?

Out of question. Once we’ve got in contact with you after sending us your documents, you will be informed about any developments on your applicant status furthermore.

8. What is the usual duration of a recruitment project?

Normally the recruitment process takes approximately 1 month from job announcement to candidate placement. It could take longer if more assessment tools are planned in the process or because of some technical obstacles.

9. Do I have any obligations towards Easy Consult if I become a candidate in your recruitment project?

No. As a candidate, you don’t have any formal obligations or restrictions. In order to improve our efficiency, we only ask you to inform us in case you would like to withdraw from a recruitment project, you already participate in by a phone call or ideally email.

10. May I rely on a confidential treatment of my application?

Absolutely. First, the legislation ground guarantees this – Easy Consult is certified and controlled by the state authorities regarding the strict and proper treatment of your personal data treatment. On the other hand, the full confidentiality is an integral part of our internal recruitment policy. Our interest is to create and maintain long-term partnership with our candidates and thus treat their application confidential throughout the whole recruitment process.

11. What if I have a question that is not listed in the FAQ Section?

We would be happy if you contact us with any comment or inquiry via email or our corporate pages in the social and professional networks.