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HR of the Month - Marina Naykova, Operations Manager at Easy Consult, May 2014


Marina Naykova, the Operations manager of Easy Consult, was selected for HR of the month – within the initiative of HR Cafe Bulgaria and Computerworld Bulgaria.

Marina has 9 years of overall HR experience and extensive experience as a lead expert for Talent management – Recruitment, Marketing, Development and Retention; Strategic Business Initiatives – partnership development and statistical process control; Workforce Development and Analytics; Human Resource Management; Workplace Best Practices; Organizational Enhancement; Project Management; Performance Measurement; Communications, Human Resources Outsourcing, BPO and other organizational consulting functions.

Marina is responsible for all recruitment projects at Easy Consult.

According to her, the most significant change in the market of IT professionals is the reorientation towards the selection of candidates with potential compared to experience which was a leading factor in the previous years. . Marina also shared the benefits of temporary employment.


The whole interview can be found here.

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